Ms de doce siglos de escrituras, unos 650 fondos de depsito y 85 kilmetros de estantera hacen del Archivio Segreto Vaticano una fuente de conocimiento histrico insustituible.

Este proyecto, realizado en colaboracin entre la UPV/EHU y el CSIC, se dirige a investigadores y al pblico interesado para dar a conocer documentacin histrica relativa al Pas Vasco depositada en Fondos del Archivo Secreto Vaticano.

The Hallstrom Law Firm is a civil litigation law firm in California offering representation and assistance in Personal Injury, Business Law, Estate Planning and general civil litigations matters. We pride ourselves on our ability to work well with our clients and provide quality legal assistance.Please visit the various areas of our website to learn more about us and what we can do to serve you. In addition, you will find many legal resources and checklists on this site.The Hallstrom Law Firm is a member of: The State Bar of California, The American Bar Association, The Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles, The Los Angeles County Bar Association, and The Pasadena Bar Association. The Hallstrom Law Firm is authorized to practice law in all state and federal courts located within the State of California. We have represented clients throughout the State of California including Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, and San Francisco County.The Hallstrom Law Firm is pleased to consider referrals from other attorneys. Please click on the "Referrals" link for more information. If you have any questions or would like a free online consultation, please contact us by filling out the Online Consultation form,An estate plan is comprised of one or more documents that provide you with control over the decisions about your loved ones and financial affairs in the event of your death or incapacity. Such documents include wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills. A good Estate Plan has three main goals: (1) to pass your property to the people you choose, (2) to reduce or eliminate expenses, taxes, court interference and wasted time during the transfer of the property, and (3) eliminate the ability for others to interfere in your decisions.Many people believe that only the very wealthy need an Estate Plan. However, anyone who owns any property - a home, a car, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, jewelry, clothing, household goods, etc., or has minor children or has a desire to ensure that your loved ones and financial affairs are taken care of needs an estate plan. Your age, marital status, or wealth doesn't matter when considering whether or not you need to plan your estate. Whatever the size of your estate, you should designate the person who, in the event of your incapacity, will have the responsibility for the management of your assets and your care, including the authority to make health care decisions on your behalf. How that is accomplished is discussed below in this pamphlet. If your estate is small in value, you may focus simply upon who is to receive your assets after your death and who should be in charge of its management and distribution. If your estate is larger, your lawyers will discuss with you not only who is to receive your assets and when, but also various ways to preserve your assets for your beneficiaries and to reduce or postpone the amount of estate tax which otherwise might be payable on your death.If one does no planning, then California law provides for the court appointment of persons to take responsibility for your personal care and assets. California also provides for the distribution of assets in your name to your heirs pursuant to a set of rules to be followed if you die without a will; this is known as "intestate succession." Contrary to popular myth, if you die without a will, everything does not automatically go to the state. If you have any relatives (whether through your own family or that of your spouse), regardless of how remote, they will be your heirs ahead of the state. Nonetheless, they may not be the people you would want to inherit from you; therefore, a will is the preferable approach.Any person or entity whose negligent or intentional wrongful conduct contributed to your injury can be sued. The only requirement is that the person or entity sued is at least partially at fault. California is a comparative fault state. A person can sue for serious personal injury even if they are partially at fault. As long as they can prove that one or more other parties are also at fault. However, the amount of a plaintiff's recovery will be reduced by the amount of their fault. The Hallstrom Law Firm provides legal representation to injured victims throughout the State of California. We strive to provide the best service possible by offering professional and aggressive representation so that your claim is resolved to your satisfaction. We will fight hard to obtain the most beneficial result for you. This will include helping you to obtain necessary medical care, get your medical bills paid, recover loss earnings, have your vehicle repaired and obtain money for your pain and suffering.At the Hallstrom Law Firm, we help new and growing businesses start off on the right foot and help keep them out of trouble in the future with preventative law practices. With our help, businesses can avoid disputes, injuries and damage claims and can help strengthen their defenses when lawsuits are unavoidable. We can help your business by reveiwing your business records and practices, review or draft documents such as purchase agreements, sales agreements, loan agreements, leases and other contracts. In addition, we can prepare you for various situations such as when a business deal goes sour, an employee is injured or when a customer complains about a product or service.Member State Bar of California, American Bar Association, Consumer Attorney Association of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Pasadena Bar Association Admitted to Practice State of Californi 9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Federal District Court for the Central District of California Federal District Court for the Southern District of California

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